Friday, September 22, 2006

The wake shake-up

"Clothes on while mourning, please"

"China has banned 'obsene' performances at funerals, said the People's Daily (Beijing), after a local television expose revealed that exotic dancers were being used at funerals to attract large crowds. Following the airing of the program, police arrested five strippers at the funeral of a local farmer in Donghai County in easter Jiangsu Province. More than 200 people, including children, were attending the service when the raid was conducted. Local custom dictates that the greater the number of mourners at a funeral, the more the deceased will be honoured in the afterlife. The villagers were also told that details on all future funerals be submitted to police withing 12 hours of a person's death. A 'funeral misdeeds' hotline has also been set up."

--NVR Magazine


Phil said...

So... does that mean I can forget the strippers for my funeral? ...and I thought you loved me!

Wouldn't they make a nice addition to the celebrations, no? I can see it: mom crying between two topless girls jiggling around... wonderful!

Mia said...

I'd want a stripper at my funeral. I mean funerals are so depressing affairs with what all the crying and in some cases the cadaver in full view. Yup I like the stripper idea and they should also have an open bar and serve buffalo wings. Oh yeah and chicks on skates in tight t-shirts with the deceased persons photo across their hooters can go around taking drink orders for those too beraved to get up.

Louise said...

Sounds like you guys got it all figured out :)