Monday, September 25, 2006

Just another Manny's Monday (Week 2)

Manny Goes to the Park.

Here is Manny on his visit today to the Shanghai Civilised Park, on Huashan Rd. We are yet to find the Shanghai Uncivilised Park, however today's park proved to be quite civilised indeed.

Manny poses for a photo:

Manny gazes at the Chinese bamboo grove:

Manny checks out the pond:

Manny makes a friend:

"Hey, easy there, sister!"

"Whoa, come back!"

Manny needs a rest:

Until next week,
xx Manny

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Carbi Yarker said...

Hi Manny, You look like you would be fun to play with... and chew!!!
Love Carbi

frikky said...

I love manny. Do we want to try MANNY IN THE BARBIE'S OVEN IN MY PLACE?hihihi

Manny said...

Carbi- I'd like to play, but I have a strict 'no chewing' rule- you have any idea how long it takes to get dog slobber out of fuzz?

Frikky- Something tells me the Barbie oven is a bad idea for ol' Manny, so thanks, but no thanks.


Mia said...

Yes the park does look civilized indeed. Someone should've been handing out tea and sandwhiches at the entrance to make it even more civilized. I am so loving this feature. I may copy it and add Miss Cuddly's adventures. Perhaps Manny and Miss Cuddly can be amigos. Is he into older chicks er I mean pink elephants?

Louise said...

Mia, I conferred with Manny and he says that a Miss Cuddly's Corner would be fab. Manny's a metrosexual so he can use words like Fab, and walk a round with a leery smile, and get away with it.

Oh, and his two best friends are rabbits, so I think a pink elephant will fit right in.

eastcoastlife said...

Greetings from Singapore!

Would Manny consider coming to Singapore?

He can play with my Elmo.

Louise said...

I'm not sure Manny's quite mature enough to travel to Singapore by himself yet, and without actual fingers, filling in customs landing cards is a real bitch. We'll see... :)

Mignon said...

Manny looks like he needs some shut-eye... poor Manny.

Mia said...

Good grief woman! I haven't been able to get Manic Monday out of head since yesterday. Only I keep singing, "It's just another manny monday... ohhh ohhh" My professor gave me the illest look this afternoon.

Oh yeah Tuddy Tuesday is up. Miss Cuddly is the co-star of it. She's just too bulky to fit into my messenger bag along with my laptop and the rest of my school supplies. I'm sure Manny will just adore Tuddy Beer just as much as Miss Cuddly does.

verniciousknids said...

The key to world peace is ... Manny!