Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Vitamin Ski

What do you do in Shanghai when the weather is unbearably hot and sweaty??

Why, you go skiing of course!


Mignon said...

Was it the shot of Matt in the indoor ski-hill in the UAE that spurred this? I admit, I've been dreaming about it as well, as it continues to stay in the 90s (F) here.

Boy howdy, you're purple!

Flower said...

I heard there is such a facility in Dubai as well. This tends to become common in hot places.

Louise said...

Actually we went skiing here back in June but I forgot to post the pics- seeing Matt's video reminded me to do it.

And yes I look like a giant grape- the suits were supplied, and boy were they manky!

verniciousknids said...

Ahh memories...we used to have one of these places in the eastern suburbs of Tokyo...unfortunately it closed down a few years ago. Maybe they moved it to Shanghai along with all the other Japanese companies?!