Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A change in the view

Usually when people come to visit you in hospital they bring flowers. Perhaps magazines, balloons or even fruit. My visitors brought me the common cold.
But I digress.
Nine days ago I was lying in the sun on a pristine white beach in Boracay, Philippines. Four days later I was lying on white bed sheets in a Shanghai hospital.
Last Tuesday night, 24 hours after we arrived back in Shanghai, I started vommiting and having stomach cramps. By thursday evening it had gotten so bad I went to the doctor, who admitted me for observation overnight. Five days later I'm still here.
The short explanation is that I had a small bowel obstruction which has mostly corrected inself without surgery- thank god- and a case of pancreatitis. The doctors are not sure if the obstruction came first and then the pain killers they gave me for that inflamed the pancreas, or if I had some micro-gall stones unseen by the ultrasoud when I first came in which then affected the obstruction infection as they inflamed the pancreas.
In any case I'm in a lovely western-run clinic with all the mid-cons. Usually in public hospitals here you literally need to bring your own sheets, food and even medicines, so I'm feeling pretty happy that we have insurance.
Up until today have not had anything to eat or drink since last thursday, but today I have been allowed to drink 100mL of water every four hours. I have to say that if I'd known that my lunch on Thursday would be my last meal so to speak, I would have eaten something other than vegemite on piece of toast!