Sunday, September 10, 2006

Everything's funnier with a fever

Poor phil dislocated his shoulder two weeks ago. Three days after that he badly sprained his arm in a bicycle accident, and still can't move it enough to even tie his long hair back (I get that job). Now today he has a mysterious fever on top of all that.

Watching The Sopranos tonight, they mentioned Billy Joel, and I remembered a funny story I once heard about him. I turn to Phil and say:

"Hey you know that Billy Joel song 'I love you just the way you are'? The one Shrek sings?"

"Yeah", Phil says.

"Well he wrote it for his wife, Christie Brinkley....".

Phil sits up straight on the couch and interrupts the story: "What? Shrek wrote it for Christie Brinkley??!!"

Question of the day: Is it cruel to pee laughing at your delerious, feverish boyfriend?


PS- I don't usually reference the classics with their Pixar/disney/warner soundtracks, but I know Phil is not a fan of mr Joel, and wanted to put it into a context he would know.


Mia said...

Umm hold up first he dislocates shoulder...and then he sprains his what was it? Oh yeah his arm. THEN he starts getting feverish. Uh huh. You do know that I got to a criminal justice college out here in NY don't you? I wont mention none of this to my professors or my police officer classmates. You know this is between us...(whispers) run phil runnnn and lock the door behind you!

Philippe Roy said...

ohhhh Mia, you don't know the half of it!! :P

...and baby (!!) I had 39 of fever shivering and dellusional... yet I still had enough sense to recognie that Shrek did not write the song for his (ex) wife! - honestly!!

Louise said...

uummm, yeah first he, ummm... walked into a door. Then, he, ahhhh... fell off a ladder... yeah that's it. oh and the fever had nothing to do with the drugs I gave him.... nothing at all.

Mia said...

Louise darling are you remembering to wipe your prints off of everything you give him?
Phil dude did I not tell you to run?
On that whole song thing I can't front I was more impressed when Shrek and the whole crew was running around with the Buzz Cocks song playing in the background. It's the only song I really remember from the movie that and whatever it was the donkey sang.

Louise said...

"prints?.... um.... hang on...."

{runs out of room for several minutes, walks back in much more relaxed, with cleaning jiffy in hand}

"Um, yeah, no, why would I be worried about prints? Remember: I. Did. Nothing."

{muffled screaming of gagged boyfriend escapes from the celler...}

Liz said...

It would have to be very muffled - considering how far up the building you are!!!

And Lou... If you want some hints, you know my number. It's not coincidence that James is always in hospital.