Monday, March 19, 2007

Ni hao... know-how.

Australian newspapers are reporting that former Minister for Immigration Amanda Vanstone (pictured at right) has admitted to spending AU$30,000 (US$24,000) of tax payer's money on Mandarin lessons. I hate to say it, but it's just not that hard. Yes it's a complex language, one I myself have no where near mastered even though I live in China, but seriously... $30 thousand dollars? Someone needs to give that woman a big fat red F.

Read the article from the Sydney Morning Herald here


Mia said...

So is she at least fluent now? For 24 g's she should have at least gotten a nice shirt out of it.
Why couldn't she just invest in those Lonely Planet language CD's? They come with little books too and only cost $19.99!

Louise said...

well by the looks of her, maybe she just spent the 24k on chinese FOOD...