Saturday, March 03, 2007

Kids these days...

On Sundays I teach English at a private school for Chinese students who want to learn English. When teaching a unit of the curriculum called "Old and New" the students were told to put the following in order from old to new:

  • CD
  • Record
  • Mp3
  • Cassette
  • Mini-disk

This prompted the following conversation:

Student A: "Teacher, what's a record?"

Me: "It's like a big black CD with lines cut into it. A needle in the record player rests in the lines, or grooves, and reads the music to play. When I was a little girl we only used records to listen to music."

Student B: "Oh yeah, I saw one of those things in the antiques market."


Mignon said...

Yeah... my daughter found a cassette in my desk a couple weeks ago. She shook it and poked at the brown reel and said, "Why isn't this tape sticky?"
I said, "It's not sticky tape - it's like an old-timey CD."
And she laughed and said, "Uh-uh! This wouldn't even fit in a CD player!"

Mia said...

I saw an 8 track player the other day and was totally amazed!