Saturday, April 28, 2007

Worst Vids Ever

The worst thing about You Tube is that one day you have an old tune rolling round your head and you think "That was a great song, I wonder if the video is on You Tube..."

Lo and behold, after just a few clicks, the giants of your youth tumble before your eyes. Instead of going for a nice stroll down memory lane, you end up peeing yourself laughing. Were they all really that bad?

This train of thought started me thinking about what could be the worst video clip of all time.

So far my top three are:

Milli Vanilli- Baby Don't Forget My Number

Olivia Newton-John - Physical

Peter Andre- Mysterious Girl

Runners up: (even though the songa are still great.... well, it's better just to listen to them these days)

Salt'n'Pepper- Push it

Jefferson Starship- We Built This City

Did I miss any of the best?


Terence said...

Part of me is very hurt that "Push It" is on this list.

Part of me also remembers the 90s and completely understands why.

Good stuff here. I'll have to drop by more often.

Louise said...

I'm with you Terence- I love Push It as a song still to this day.... however, watching the video I was in stitches laughing- even laughing at the memory of myself dancing just like that! The past is a cruel mistress.

Gabby Girl said...

Hey. Thanks for the kind words on Gloria and Eduardo. I feel bad for ever yelling at them to shut up when I couldn't get to sleep some nights. :(. And, hey, that's my friend, Terence, from back home. Guess he followed your link on my page. Cool stuff.

Mia said...

Oh crap! My childhood! "Push It" actually still brings back good memories. My mom and aunt translated the song into Arab &Spanish and would sing that version of it. As a result to this day I still sing the intro to Salt & Pepa's here in Sparab.

Here's a bad one for you MC Hammer's
"Too Legit".

Mignon said...

I'm with Terence. Push It is a classic. I just introduced SaltnPepa to my kids last week and confirmed it. Still cool. Or we're all just a bunch of dorks up in here. I'm okay with either interpretation.