Monday, April 16, 2007


With Phil being Canadian and me Australian, eventually we are going to have to prove to immigration officials somewhere that we are indeed a couple in order for one of us to get permanent residency. I have been looking out of curiosity today at the few photos we have of us together. The trouble with being in a relationship with a photographer is that he would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it, and so visual documentation of our relationship is rather hard to come by.

We literally have a grand total of one normal photo of us together- the rest are in costume, pulling faces or just generally doing ridiculous things.

By far this is my favourite photo of us together- its silliness sums us up perfectly- yet I'm not sure it will be what the immigration officials will be looking for...


Girl Clumsy said...

Phil's drawn-on facial hair is hilarious!


Cheers, Natalie.

Gabby Girl said...

Oh, my!

Mia said...

My mom is a photographer as well and she was talking about the same thing the other day. She came to the realization that after 25 years of being together she has no decent shots of her and my dad together since she's always the one behind the camera.

By the way with the "facial hair" Phil looks like a guy that tried to sell me a used camera car once. His grandma used it only on sunday's to go to church. Rufus is that you?!!