Friday, June 30, 2006

soft restraints

Sometimes when I'm feeling sleepy in the morning I keep bugging Phil for just one more hug before he goes to work.

Though it drives him mad when he's already late and running out the door, he usually humours me for a while.

But then he retaliates by doing this to me:

"Oh! The indignity!!"


Oh, The Joys said...

You are a burrito!

Girl Clumsy said...

Hi Louise,

I found your blog through Comic Mummy, and am enjoying your adventures. I'm actually travelling to Beijing in August, so if there's things I MUST know about travelling in China, please dish! ;)

What I'm most keen on though is learning how you changed your header. Your template is similar to mine, and I'd love to snazz up my blog with a cool pic and nice text!

Thanks, Natalie.

Anonymous said...

G'day, Louise. Wandered over from browsing Naked Ovary, and love your blog! Especially enjoyed the list of "Things I have Learnt" - can I pass on a copy to a friend in Saudi? (She is a bit restricted in the pages she can sometimes view - censorship apparently.)

Great to find another interesting blog to read, and add to the "favourites" collection.

BTW, have you checked out "What's New Pussycat"? The adventures of Shauny from Oz, in Scotland, and one I've read for a few years now. Google, and enjoy...


Louise said...

Thanks for all your great comments guys!

Oh, the Joys- I am indeed a burrito! It's funny because one of our rabbits had surgery recently and in order to medicate him for the week afterwards we had to wrap him up in a towel so he couldn't move- a proceedure we called "making the bunny burrito"... I'm thinking Phil adopted the technique on myself while I wasnt paying attention!!

Girl Clumsy- How exciting that you are coming to China! How long will you be in Beijing? I'm happy to answer any questions about what to bring, etc, though I can't think of anything hugely important off the top of my head.
Send me an email to and I'll try to help you with your blog template... though I am not the most experienced at HTML coding myself!

Sprocket- (what a great name!) glad to have you here and really happy you enjoy my lil ol' blog. Please feel free to pass on my stuff to your friend in Saudi (and though it was not necessary, thanks for asking first- it's a curtesy not often shown in the cyberworld!).
Actually I myself cannot view my own blog the normal way as all blogspot/blogger sites are banned here in China. Perhaps your friend could do what I do, and use an anonymous proxy server? I use -it makes your ISP some random address in Germany and therefore gets around govt restrictions. It can make things a bit slower, but at least you can read more of what you like.
I am just going over to check out "what's new pussycat" right now- thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip re anonymouse, Loiuse, Shall pass that on to her.

As to the name - I ride bikes, and it was bestowed on me many years ago at a rally. One of the "games" is a sprocket toss - I tossed a bit too enthusiastically, and nearly brained a marshall! (Still have people who don't know my actual name after 20 years association.)

Louise said...

Ahh that explains it Sprocket. I always like a good mystery solved.... speaking of mysteries being solved, I must go google "do mice urinate". sounds dirty, but it's actually part of a conversation from today... mysteries, mysteries!

Oh and I did check out What's New Pussycat- great GREAT blog!