Friday, June 30, 2006

Almost famous

Jess, my old flatmate from Sydney called me the other night, ecstatic after just having touched a sweaty Chris Martin at a Coldplay concert. I was was merely mildly amused until I realised that that makes me a whole 4 degrees of separation from Brad-the-most-gorgeous-man-alive-Pitt!

Me > Jess > Chris Martin > (his wife) Gwyneth Paltrow > (Gwyn's ex boyfriend) Brad Pitt.

Like I said, almost famous. Anyone want my autograph? Anyone...???


HumanWaste said...

Seriously Louise, I'd want your autograph if there were 10 degrees of separation between you Brad-piece-of-man-meat-Pitt.

Louise said...

LOL, maybe I should set it up on e-bay... though I'd probably not even be able to GIVE away my autograph, even if I found a site called "free-bay".

Eryn said...

Don't forget Liz shared associatiuon with Mel Gibsons nephew, with the Chris Martin connection there may be any number of celebs you can be connected with!

Louise said...

Oooh, and a friend in highschool's cousin was Pierce Brsonan's wife (she died of a brain tumor and then he remarried), but the friend did meet him on many a family occasion.

It's fame fame fame!!

"Fame! I wanna live forever, I wanna learn how to fly..... HIGH!!......."