Friday, June 23, 2006

football faux pas

I was watching the Italy vs Czech game tonight with Phil, and saw a close up of one of the Italian players with a ponytail:-

Me: "He's a bit of a girl then, isn't he? Look at that hair!"

Phil: "Eeh!!"

Me: "Oh sorry darling, I forgot you have long hair."

[Phil shakes his hair indignantly- Wella Woman-style- and I go back to criticising the players]


Carbi Yarker said...

Well... Nathan had long hair. Need I say anymore! :-p (Sorry Phil!)

Louise said...

LOL, now I'm fairly sure that unlike your ex-fiance, my boyfriend is not a cross-dresser, even though he does have long hair!

Carbi Yarker said...

Yes.... I would have said the same thing! :)

Louise said...

No comment!!