Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Food for Thought

Calculate the hours (or days and months) you spend sitting in front of your computer every year.

Shocking isn't it?

Have you ever felt you should be doing more for the less fortunate people of the world? I know I sure have.

The Hunger Site is one way we can help without leaving our desks. After all it costs nothing but a few measly seconds a day to donate free food. What have you got to lose?

Please check out their homepage, and the FAQs page for more information.


Louise said...

Damn these images! I try to do a good thing and all I get are floating banners that you can't even read. I'm not tech-savvy enough to fix them, and the resident tech-support has gone to bed... all wrath shall be called down upon my head if I wake him up to fix a floating banner!

Louise said...

OK tech support is back in the land of the living, or at least the conscious, and the banners are fixed. Thanks for bearing with me...

And thanks to my very own geek, Phil... smooches!