Friday, June 23, 2006

More Half-time entertainment...

The last FIFA soccor game everynight shows at 3am Shanghai time. Mostly we have been too old and boring to stay up this late, you know how it is, it interfers with our arthritis, bingo, rhumatism and all that.

However, last Saturday night/Sunday morning Phil and I found ourselves still awake at 2 am and decided to live like the young things do and watch the 3am game.

By half-time (i.e. 3.45 am) we were a little delerious, or "over-tired" as my mum would say, in an anoyingly all-knowing tone (you know, sometimes I just wanted to lie on the floor in the middle of the supermarket and scream, it didn't have to mean I was "over-tired"!).

So we decided to make our own half-time entertainment, in a very mature and adult way.

We drew moustaches on each other and took photos.

It's Klassy-with-a-K in our house!

Rubber-face Phil

Me with a mo and side-burns


It's hard to tell if this is me or Phil! OUCH!

I know... SCARY.

By the time the game finished, the sun had come up so we fell into bed moustaches and all. Believe me, by the time we woke up it was even scarier than in the pictures!


Comic Mummy said...

Are you talkin to me??

Louise said...

HAHAHA! That's EXACTLY what I forst thought when I saw these photos!

Funny how everyone seems to be running scared from this post... perhaps I shouldn't adopt the "Faux-Mo" as part of my morning make-up routine (if I was one of those "together" women who even had a morning make-up routine, that is)

Louise said...

forst, first, you know what I mean