Friday, January 01, 2010

Project 365

My new year's resolution is to participate in a 'Project 365' assignment, in which I will attempt to post a different photo each day for 365 days. Being based in China, I have decided to make my participation in the activity a photo essay on a year in Shanghai. Mostly I will be posting photos directly from my phone, so I will appologise now for the quality of the photos.
My sister, Liz, will also be participating in the project (it was at her suggestion that I decided to join) and she will be documenting her life as a carer for her husband. Check out her blog A Caring Project
I do hope you enjoy the project.


Liz said...

Might have been good if the 'look at her blog here' actually worked!! My blog is :-)

Louise said...

Sorry I was waiting for you to answer the text I sent with the address... Except that I never sent the text :-s
It's fixed now!