Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Project 365 Day 26
Firstly, Happy Australia Day (or Happy Invasion Day, as the case may
Today's photo is of a sign seen painted all over Shanghai. The sign
'chai' means to demolish, and the buildings it is painted on are
slated for destruction. They are being pulled down for many reasons,
some out of concern for health/saftey, others to make way for roads/
subways, but most are just pulled down to make way for a brand new
highrise. It is a real shame because the old culture of Shanghai is
literally being destroyed whole city blocks at a time. The residents
of these buildings are compensated, but not at a level that would
allow them to live in the same area, so in effect it relocates large
numbers of a lower socio-economic sector of society to the
outskirts of the city.
In effect, the symbol is seen as the mark of death.

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