Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Project 365 day 12
This photo was taken out eating hot pot with friends. As a rule (after
so many years in China) we generally don't eat Chinese food. Aside
from being sick of it, it is very difficult to order vegetarian food
in the meat loving Shanghai even whenbyou speak Mandarin.
Hot pot is one of the exceptions we make, especially at this
restaurant which has individual pots, organic vegetables and meat, and
100% vegetarian cooking broth for vegetarians like me!
The general idea is that you select your broth and a variety of
vegetables, tofu and meat, and a choice of dipping sauces, then you
cook all your food on a hot element on the table in front of you. I
must admit to finding the veg broth fairly bland, but if nothing else
it's fun, and has a good communal feel when you're with a group of


Anonymous said...
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Kim Tien Huynh said...

You went to the one on Shaanxi road for the organic Hot pot? Gee, I miss that one. I hope we will be able to have hot pot when I will be back!
Kim Tien

Stephen Peter Jones said...

I missed most the good fun in Shanghai as I flew through China on the train from Sushou on the budget train with the locals. Great Fun to say the least. Hope your having fun out there and give the chinese my greatest respect.