Thursday, January 14, 2010


Project 365 Day 14
Another "city improvement" in preparation for the upcoming expo:
talking maps in taxis. For a few years now most shanghai taxi
companies have had advertising screens on the back of the front
passenger seat- something that anoys the hell out of me. But the
newest thing in the cabs using the Touchmedia screens is to have maps
with directions to a list of popular tourist destinations. There is
also a button to press to hear the directions in Chinese.
I can't say I've ever used it, and I'm not sure it would be of that
much use- the screen doesn't come on until the driver turns on the
meter, yet the driver usually won't turn on the meter until he
understands where you want to go. Classic chicken vs egg conundrum.
But who knows, it could come in use sometime.

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