Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow in Shanghai- Happy Australia Day!

Some photos of Australia day in snowing Shanghai- in vast contrast to the gorgeous sunny photos on the harbour that I just saw on the Sydney Morning Herald online.

I should also mention that snow in Shanghai is a very rare occasion indeed, so today is pretty special. Well, as I see it, if it has to be cold on Australia Day, then at the very least it can snow!

Showing my patriotism

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Anonymous said...

Hi Louise, just discovered your blog and am loving it! I am an Aussie living in Mexico at the moment, but we've been in a few different places round the world the last few years. We left home (Perth) 8 years ago and haven't lived there since. That travel bug is hard to break!

I love your Aussie Flag in the snow. Hope you had a great Australia Day.