Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow White... and the 20 million Shanghainese

Every day since Saturday I've looked out the window at the ever-growing snow-scene before me and thought "I'd better take a photo, because Shanghai doesn't get any 'snowier' than this"... and every day more snow has fallen.

It turns out that this is the biggest snowfall Shanghai has experienced in 24 years (according to the Shanghai Daily), and I'm pretty happy to have seen it (as chaotic as it is!).

Here are the photos from today.. The snow seems to be melting a bit now, and there is no more snow predicted until Friday, so this may be the last of them!

In the park across the street from us.

Camelias in the park, shivering their petals off.

This charming fellow greeted me when I went downstairs this morning!

My scooter, firmly staying put for the time-being... I draw the line at riding in snow.

A digitally arranged panorama from our building this morning (click to see screen-sized version)

1 comment:

Girl Clumsy said...

Hey Lou,

It looks gorgeous - but I can imagine what a pain in the arse it must be living with it!

Cheers, Natalie. :)