Monday, January 28, 2008

He loves me...

I came home from the snowiest day I've ever seen in Shanghai feeling like crap. Granted a few inches is not a whole lot of snow in the global sense, but when it falls in a city that rarely ever sees snow it creates havoc. We in Shanghai are so unprepared for this sort of weather that the cars have no idea how to drive (my taxi skidded across a intersection before I'd even left my street this morning); we have no snow shoes for walking in the piles of slush caused by a city with atrocious drainage systems, and we have no idea how to balance on the slippery- and now icy- glazed tiles the Shanghai city authorities insist on using to pave all outdoor areas.

The snow is beautiful, but quite frankly the city is in a shambles.

So, as I said I came home today feeling pretty crappy and demanded a hug from Phil.

As hugged me he said:

"What's the matter baby?"
"I don't know. I just feel all Floobery-Jibbery inside."
"Oh. Is that a word?"
"No, but it's how I feel today."
"Ok," he says, and continues to hug me without question.

Ah love.

To celebrate the fact that tomorrow has just been declared a no-school Snow Day (my first ever!) by the Shanghai Education Authorities, I'll post some snow photos from school today:

Spring Festival/Chinese New Year decorations ready for next week

One of the playgrounds- a few hours after this was taken the grass was entirely white

Some of the munchkins from my class (with my co-teacher Hellena on the right and my assistant teacher Susie, left)- it takes 45 minutes of our morning just to get them in and out of their coats and boots.

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