Saturday, October 20, 2007

a very religious experience

I took this photo of an ad on the front page of a mainstream Thai newspaper back in December when we were holidaying in Krabi, but forgot to share it. Better late than never:

Can you think of anything more sacrilegious than an online porn site called "Buddha Porn"? What next? Jesus Jubblies? God Gropes?

Edit: I have a feeling I am going to regret the referrals I get from what I have just typed here...

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Girl Clumsy said...

But don't you just know that there are *some* in the community that wouldn't consider Buddhism a *real* religion.

(Glances at the evangelical Christians)

Still, I love the idea of Jesus Jubblies. Sounds a very holy jelly.

More possible (and rude!) titles:

God Gang-Bang?
Jesus F***ing Christ?
The Anal Virgin Mary?
Hung like the Holy Spirit?

... yes, I know I'm going to Hell. ;)