Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pretend Scrabble

My sister Liz and friend Dan have been playing using the Scrabulous application on Facebook to play Pretend Scrabble. The idea is to make real or fake words that are permissable as long as you can provide some justification of the phonetic spelling or definition.

Dan and I played our first game today:

CEENBAD= when someone thinks badly of you
QUITEGOY= adj. the state of being very much a gentile.
AN = an ant cut in half
YE = the sound made durring a fit of hiccups
IV = acronym for Intone Violently
OA = the sound made when hit in the stomache
VANEHOOR= a prostitute enamoured with her own appearance
JENT= phonetic abbrv of gentleman
IM= I'm for those unaware of proper usage of puntuations in contractions
FIVGRINDUS- the collective noun for a group of organ grinders numbering no more or less than five
LIEECEENBAD = when someone thinks bad of you but its not true
OR = a short oar, more like a paddle really
HOILEE = someone who is hoiled... (hoil = verb, to hurl in Brooklyn)
FM- as in radio
BX= one third of an unassembled BMX bike
TAUCHA = the interrogation techniques employed in guantanamo bay... looks and sounds like torture but legally it is something completely different
HOILEEO= The act of 'hoiling' (see 'hoilee') someone named Leo.

Repayiou= to repay a debt
NEVAID = to sit carefully at a table so as not to bump your knees on the bottom of it.
WRITLIUR = verb. to write pretentious, self-indulgent poetry ('liur' as in the sound of the last syllable in "grandeur"- trying to sound french when in fact they are white bread anglos)
JIASH= Scottish variant of the male name Josh
DWEMD= dreamed as said by someone with an inability to pronounce the letter r
SAUAS = hawaiian sauna (as it uses long groupings of vowels)
OZIAGO- an Australian from years gone by
GOEEV = a chat akin to "aussie aussie aussie oi oi oi" that is reserved for women named Eve
HEKLFIB- verb. when someone tells a lie whilst heckling (greek spelling)- as in "yo mamma so fat...."
MEXTINT- the tan one gets in mexico
PRORN- porn for prawns


Emma said...

I am well and truly addicted to scrabulous, though i haven't heard of Pretend Scrabble. Looks like you get to score pretty high!!

(a random lurker)

Louise said...

Hi Emma, great to see you de-lurking!

I love Scrabble in any form- and spend hours on scrabulous... but pretend scrabble is a hoot. You need to set the game to Challenge, and also it helps to be on on msn or skype or something like that to define and defend your words as you play them. Because you can make up words you can be more likely to use all your letters and get a bingo!

Mia said...

Oh snizappoid (to be completely awesome, fantastic...feel free to use). I LOVE scrabble! I need to spend some time on my facebook. Can't recall the last time i was there.

Calla said...

Ohhh! I think I have some prorn! Jacques took his shell off the other day and strutted for hours! Little exhibitionist prawn that he is.