Thursday, October 25, 2007

Help please!

My Mum has been searching for some game rules for my Nana.

The game is called ‘Option’ and is described as either “the family fun game” or “the double sided word game”. It was produced by Parker Brothers in 1983.

(Photo lifted off ebay!!)

It was given to my Nana without the rules, and unfortunately the only place they can find the rules is based in the US and won't sell outside of the USA.

We'd love to get a copy of the rules, so if anyone has them could you please email me at lou_adele(at)gmail(dot)com.



Mia said...

I was never really into board games 'cept for scrabble. However my g'parents never throw anyting out. When I make my weekly call to FLA this sunday in between " Mia when are you going to settle down? and "Mia why must you ride around on that damn motorcyle?" I'll be able ask them if they have this particular game. If they have it i'll let you know.

Louise said...

Thanks I'll keep my fingers crossed....

Leslie Crawford said...

If you're still looking for these rules, I've found a place online where I can purchase them for the tidy sum of $4. Add to that a 50% off discount for using my PayPal account and it's the least I could do from one imported Shanghai'er to another.

Let me know via email at