Monday, August 14, 2006

Live and Learn

Note to self:

-Making raspberry Jelly/Jello on a hot day is a great idea.
-Letting it set in two red wine glasses for a 'touch of class' is a good idea.
-Putting said glasses in the door of the refrigerator to set is a bad idea.

When the jelly was half set, Phil yanked open the door of the fridge with the natural force of a 6'3" man, and the first glass toppled out, smashing on the floor at my feet.

As I came back with the mop and broom to clean it up, Phil repeated the process and the second glass joined its kamakazi brother.

I just closed my eyes in time as the second splatter of Jelly and glass shards sprayed up as high as my head. The shape of the wine glass meant that the jelly didn't just drop, it BOUNCED. There was red jelly ON TOP of the fridge, and it sprayed the length and breadth of the kitchen and out into the hall.

Next time I'll be making jelly in a coffee mug.


Chilihead2 said...

What a mess! You'll be finding dried Jell-O in January! I once spilled red Gatoraid the same way and I'm STILL finding places I missed!

Mia said...

Nice picture. It looks like a crime scene. Next time make it in a container with a lid.

Philippe Roy said...

Ok, well, in my defence:

First of all: I was cooking and trying to sprint around our two-cubic-meter kitchen without burning our dinner...!!!

Second of all: I... humm... errr... see... well... just thank god you had a professional photographer there at the scene of the crime ready to kneel (with elbows to the ground) to take nice photos for your blog report! ;)

Liz said...

Yes, you didn't get to eat jelly... but at least you had something to write about!

Mignon said...

Oooh, look at the jelly blood streaking the walls!