Saturday, August 12, 2006

It's a dog's life.

Warning: the following article might upset some animal-lovers... I know it upset me. If you'd prefer instead to look at some cute puppies go here

Death squads in Yunnan round up 50,000 dogs

On Saturday, a woman was walking her dog- a small white animal she'd had for a long time- in a Yunnan Province alley.

Several men approached, talked her into handing them the leash and then beat the dog to death as the owner looked on in horror.

The killing was only a small part of a campaign by Mouding County government officials to slaughter 50,000 canines between July 25 and Sunday, local media reported.

The campaign was touched off by reports that at least three people had died recently in the county from rabies and many others had been bitten.

On Saturday, officials said that 90 percent of the dogs had been killed, and they expected their work to finish on Sunday.

Witnesses indicated the slaughter was often carried with the sort of dramatic elements found in a grade-B horror film.

Around midnight, shaddows would flash along the walls of homes as men carrying clubs made noises to set the village dogs barking. Homing in on the sounds, the men would find their quarries, and the barks would be replaced by shrill yelps as the animals were dispatched.

Only military dogs guarding an ammunition storehouse and police dogs were allowed to survive.

--The Shanghai Daily, 1 August 2006

These dogs being slaughtered are not strays, they are beloved, licenced pets, just like our own dogs.

Can you even imagine an official policy that legally sentences your family dog to be painfully clubbed to death?


Mia said...

WTF?! I can't even imagine it. I have 2 dogs of my own and to me they are more than pets. Okay so if the point of this is to get rid of rabies are they going after bats and other animals as well?

Mignon said...

Makes TOTAL sense. I'm sure the pets confined to yards bite so many more people than police and guard dogs. It's just so Chinese.

Carbi Yarker said...

I'm glad I don't live in china!