Monday, May 28, 2007

Roll on

Two words:

Roller. Disco.

Oh my god I haven't had this much fun in years.

On Saturday night Phil, our friend Daniela and I went to the Shanghai Roller Revival (IV)- we donned our best 1980s styles-, layered on the baby blue eye shaddow, and rolled the night away in a seedy old Shanghai roller rink. And where else but Shanghai can you pay AU$16 and get an open bar, old school skate hire, DJs playing all the best 80s oldies, AND free arcade games??

We were rolling the light fantastic.

And, my god, I have never seen Phil move that! The man won't dance in any bar, but get him on skates and he was dancing round the curves before the dj had even warmed up- and didn't stop for 4 hours.

However the crowning moment of the night was starting a train with Daniela in front and then Phil and I, rolling around the rink a bit and in no time looked back to see that 40 people had joined OUR TRAIN!

We were, like, the GODDAMN COOL KIDS!

And seriously, haven't we all been waiting for 20 years to wear a side ponytail in public?

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