Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Chinglish doesn't even come close to this

My $1 summer house slippers are delightfully Chinese- a true specimen of modern China.

They are rubber soled, yet the inner sole is lined with stitched bamboo sticks. The wide strap passing over the top of my foot is made of woven bamboo straw, but is edged with nylon fabric.

Like many Chinese products, they are emblazoned with English writing, which is very popular here. The rubber logo on the top of the shoes says:

-the quality chhn grm grh ment-


-the quality chhn grm grh ment-

Usually I can guess at what they meant to say, but this time I have absolutely no clue.


Daniela said...

I know the answer...the quality chinese garment!
So, where is my prize?
Kiss see you soon

Louise said...

Well done Sweety!! The prize will be arriving shortly in your '2008 SPORT COOT' ;)

Gabby Girl said...

I thought it might be something along the lines of:

This quality, charming garment was made in 2008 for sport activies of the cool nature. Thank you for buying this quality, charming garment.

Heh. :)

'er said...

That was very clever, Daniela! I had no idea. Looks like you have a Column 8 item here Louise.