Friday, May 11, 2007

Report time

It is report time at one of the schools I work for. Instead of the reports being written all at once at the end of the term, they have to be written every time students finish a level of the curriculum (about 16 weeks). I never feel more like a teacher than when I am writing reports, and it brings out all sorts of existential angst, questions about my future and my "career".

The school being more of a business than an educational facility, we have to be very diplomatic when writing reports for poor students. I find it very amusing to encode what I would really like to say into comments more appropriate for the reports.

for example, I had to write this:

"Jerry has continued to improve during this level, however he often appears unwilling to participate in class, and has to be reminded to work on assigned tasks. His language skills are appropriate to this level, however his skills would be increased with more participation in class activities. I believe his speaking and listening levels are much higher than they appear, but it is hard to assess when he is unwilling to contribute more than the bare minimum to the class and his assigned tasks. "

... when I really want to say:

"Jerry is a typical teenage boy-, he does little more than grunt, and has perfected the art of sleeping with his eyes open."

I wonder what would happen if I just submitted the reports as I want to write them?

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