Friday, July 21, 2006


I have spent 352 days away from Australia (I just calculated that right now, I am not carving daily notches on the wall prison-style). While most days I love --or at least Like Very Strongly-- my life here, there are some things I miss badly.



My Munchkins (niece and nephew). Laura was a few days short of a year old when I left, and really doesnt remember me:

Good, reasonably priced coffee:

My town, Newtown, in Sydney... in all it's weird and wonderful glory:

My Baby:

Australian Beaches and Summer:


Oh there's so much more now that I start to think about it! It's a damn good thing that this guy is so special, and partially makes up for so much of what I miss:


LondonMisfit said...

Now I'm missing it too, especially Pavlova - man that looked good!

Oh and thanks for the tip on frozen bottles - I froze a hot water bottle for the cat and he loved it!

Louise said...

Oh that Pav looked so good, I actually cried.

No worries about the ice bottle tip- glad to help.

I'm about to try giving the bunnies frozen watermellon as a treat, but I don't suppose a cat would go for that.

Mia said...

I'm planning to head out that way next year. Now you've made me want to go even more.

Louise said...

Great Mia! If you have any travel questions I'd be glad to help :)

Mia said...

Thanks! I know i'm going to need it!