Saturday, July 08, 2006



laughing out loud.

This internet/chat shorthand is taking over our lives. It used to indicate when something was truly funny and showed the person at the other end of the cyber conversation that you were indeed laughing. Out loud.

Now people just pepper net conversation with it out of laziness, and boredom, so much so that my sister and her friend Dan have started writing ALOL (Actually Laughing Out Loud). This joins LMAO (Laughing my arse off), ROFL (Rolling On Floor Laughing) and an ever growing array of emoticons to indicate just how amused you may be.

However I hadn't realised just how far the LOL acronym had taken over our lives until the other night. Lying in bed, I said something funny (believe it or not), and Phil responded by chuckling and saying:

"Lol" then a horrified pause, followed by: "Oh my god I just said 'lol' in a real live conversation"

"LOL!!" I replied.


Alyx said...

LMAO! Oops... guess it's contagious. =)

MiGz said...

Sorry to interlope but...

Bingo! I almost feel gypped when I don't get a genuine, heartfelt emotional reading instead of a rubberstamp. I was driven to create the following in reaction to a reasonably funny Kitty Antics clip I was forwarded:

*Ass Intact, (meaning I didn't laugh it quite
"OFF"), But It Did Generate A Heartfelt Guffaw!

Feel free to wear IT out as well, wherever applicable.

In Search of More Colorful Communication,

Louise said...






*You Are So Right!

**I'm Totally Using That!

***This Has To End Now!

****Word Verification for this comment... now I'm just foolin' with ya!

Anonymous said...

AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHHA. Oh gosh, so much love from me to you right now.


Louise said...

Hehehehe, LOL (Lots Of Love) back to you Lynn!!

Mignon said...

I have never used LOL. Really. But, I admit it often pops into my head in real-life conversations and I shudder a little bit each time. I do use ;) but only because it's so much easier than saying "what I just said was just a slight tease." Is there a difference or am I just being snobby?

(I had to comment because Migz did, and that is my sometimes nickname (I only suggest it to people that are obviously having a hard time with the pronunciation). Oh, and what's the name/street of the Persian restaurant. I wanna ask my brother about it.)

WRSFXD: We're Really Sad the F*ckn X-ray Died - think it's catch on?

Louise said...

Hi Mignon, great to hear from you. I really tried to resist the LOL thing myself, but I think it is time to accept that it is just another acronym in our modern vocabulary.

I guess instead we could use TNTULOLBMTSTA (Trying Not To Use LOL But Meaning The Same Thing Anyway)... ahh it just gets silly.

As for the restaurant, I considered keeping the name a secret to protect their privacy, but hey, after the service we got I think they are lucky not to have me writing to the press by now. So it's called Shiraz, on the Hong Mei Pedestrian street in Gubei.