Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Gym, rhymes with Time

One of my favourite Simpsons episodes is when Homer walks past a Gym and says: "Gime? What's a gime".

Up until this point in my life, I had the same issue about Gyms. Never went in them. They were a mystery to me, and to be honest, a scary mystery.

But up until this point in my life I could still fit into my pants.

So on monday night I ....[*chokes on sentence in disgust*]... joined a gym.

Quite frankly I am terrified. How do these "gym people" always know so naturally what to do there? What locker to use? Where to put your shampoo in the shower? Not to mention what little buttons to press on the machines??

To make matters worse I am doing all this with my very limited Chinese. What happens if I misunderstand the instructor? If I can't read the buttons on the machine? If I go left instead of right in the aerobics class and cause a giant Human Dominoes Disaster??


I just know I am going to press the wrong button, and go flying at high-speed off the back of the treadmill.


Lynnbee said...

Yeah, I'm thinking of joining Curves.

Scares me to death.

Sharpie said...

LOL!! They ARE scary aren't they?? I tend to walk around my neighborhood and got some equipment for at home so I can do it wrong in private!! Good luck!!

'er said...

If Aunt Em can do it, then I'm sure you can manage! But then, she only has to follow directions in English, not Chinese.