Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Rabbits Lived!!

They are alive! They are home, tucked into their little beds (i.e. litter boxes) munching away on hay. They are admitedly a little druged up, but getting back to their antics slowly.
I had convinced myself that they would die on the operating table, as it is a very risky procedure here in China. I was so convinced they had died that by the time I rang the vet at 4pm yesterday afternoon (with fingernails bitten down to the quick) the conversation went like this:

Me: "Hi this is Louise, I'm calling to check on my two rabbits" (voice unnaturally high as if being strangled from the inside)
Receptionist: "OK wait a moment I check" (followed by rapid chinese conversation with someone at the other end of the line. I desperately rack my brains to remember the word 'dead' in chinese. I'm positive they are discussing how to break the news to me.)
---------------agonising wait--------------------
Receptionist: "Ok, the vet says you can pick them up by 6pm"
Me: "Huh?" (She wants me to come and collect their dead bodies??)
Receptionist: "You can take them home."
Me: "What? So they are ok?? They're alive??!!"
Receptionist: "Yes"
Receptionist: "er... ok...."

So against all odds the rabbits lived. All that worry and expense (and oh my god! the expense!), and the little buggers are fine.


Liz Yarker said...

I'm so happy!
That must be your belated Easter present!
Love Liz

londonmisfit said...

Great to hear - here's hoping it curbs their, um, fascination with each other!