Saturday, April 15, 2006

Panic Stations

The definition of Post-Tramatic Stress Disorder:

A lapsed good Catholic girl waking up on Good Friday to the sound of nearby hammering and construction.... prompting flash-backs of Jesus being nailed to the cross during the yearly Stations of the Cross reinactment.

Even though I knew "Jesus" was just a scruffy-haired teenager (preferably with a beard) from the parish, shoved into a white terry-cloth bathrobe, and even though I knew he was holding the steel pegs ('nails') in his fist while some other kid used a mallet to "hammer" at them, it still gave me the willies every year.

Why do we complain about violent computer games? The bible stories are bad enough! And that's just the New Testament... the Old Testament is positively horrifying!!

Note: lets not even talk about the definition of cruelty- the fact that I am allergic to chocolate. Easter was never really much fun for me, now was it?

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Liz Yarker said...

The old testament stories aren't horrifying - they are interesting! I remember when I was little reading my children's bible at Mass and Mum asked why I didn't read the new testament stories... my reply..."They are boring!"
Happy Easter Lou!