Friday, February 17, 2006

Beep beep!

I did promise in January to post photos of my now not-so-brand-spanking-new electric scooter. I was thinking of posting just a snap-shot, but when your boyfriend is a professional photographer snap-shots don't come easy.
Me: "Honey could you take a quick photo of my bike for my blog please?"
Phil: "Oh sure... I'll take it into the studio, clean it up, set up a few lights, maybe some filters..." [EYES GLAZE OVER AS HE STARES UN-SEEINGLY INTO THE MIDDLE DISTANCE WHILE NOTICABLY SALIVATING]

So here is Dolly (so named because she is all plastic):

Photos by Philippe Roy


Anonymous said...

It's that Italian Ferari red that just gets every man (and some women) salivating... That being said, your scooter beeing electric and all, seems to purr louder in pictures than in real life! ;-)

Phil (ippe Roy)

Louise said...

What can I say? You could make even Margaret Thatcher look good!

JonK said...

sweet shots phil!