Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Requiem to Innocence

Can you remember when:

  • You thought you would be ripped to shreds if you didn’t step off the escalator in time?
  • A solo trip to the letterbox was a feat of great responsibility?
  • Watching the washing spinning in the machine offered hours of unending entertainment?
  • You didn’t have a clue where the toilet flushed to?
  • You realized with awe that you could open your eyes under water?
  • You thought Big Bird was actually trapped INSIDE your television set?
  • You dreamed of the day you were grown up just so you could eat ice cream for dinner?
  • Girls and Boys could only be differentiated by their clothes?
  • You believed babies were placed in the womb by magic?
  • You were convinced that clouds would feel like cotton wool if you could only reach them?
  • Your worst fear was losing your mum in the supermarket?
  • 10 cents would buy a whole bag of mixed lollies at the corner store?
  • No-one noticed if you weren’t wearing any clothes?
  • You still believed you could be sucked down the plug hole if you didn’t get out of the bath before emptying it?
  • You didn’t know the meat you ate was a dead animal?
  • When the only job you had was to clean your room?
  • When your mum knew the exact location of any itemed you owned and could tell you where it was without even pausing to think about it?
  • You had never heard of a ‘computer’?
  • Losing your favourite doll/teddy was a travesty worth crying over for a week?
  • You thought The Beatles were a band of insects playing “Letter B” on Sesame Street?
  • You actually thought Wile E. Coyote had a chance of catching the Road Runner?
  • Bread crusts had the power to curl hair and stepping on the crack in the pavement would really break your mother’s back?
  • You could ride on your dog like a horse?
Ahhh the good old days.... just thinking about how things seem simpler in youth, yet looking back they were really just as complicated in different ways. We can only ever understand our worlds with the mental and emotional tools we have available to us at that precise moment in time.

Just a thought....


Liz said...

"... you could ride on your dog like a horse?"
Hey Lou, I think this might only apply to us... not to the people who had a jack russell! :-)

Louise said...

true.... poor sad souls..

'er said...

It's in the pantry! (or is that the study?)

Louise said...

Ok, so you could name exactly where it was, but we needed the mum phrasebook to figure out what you meant.

Anonymous said...

"Bread crusts had the power to curl hair and stepping on the crack in the pavement would really break your mother’s back?"

...and yet, no matter what, both our heads went curly-crazy!

Louise said...

I religiously avoided my crusts for that very reason... my hair was curly enough as it was, thankyou very much. Now, if they'd told me it would STRAIGHTEN my hair....