Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Last night Phil woke me up by shouting "NO!" in his sleep. Thinking he was in the middle of a nightmare I shook him awake, and when his breathing calmed down we had the following conversation:

Me: "What happened?"
Phil: "Oh, there was this guy in my dream and he was really pissing me off!"
Me: "Well... how?"
Phil (still agitated): "He said my handwriting was sloppy!"
Me: "Uh-huuuh....?"
Phil: "And he kept interrupting me!"
Me: "Uh-huuuh...?"
Me: "Oh. That's it? Oh."


Philippe Roy said...


That's not the full story! The guy not only said my had writing was sloppy, but he was telling EVERYONE my handwriting was sloppy... not only that, but he would interrupt me every time I tried to justify/rectify him.

Thus me screaming "NO!!!!"

Now, that THAT'S clarified I'm sure I'll sleep better! ;)

Jenny Wynter said...

Well, it's certainly always good to hear both sides of the story!

Tim often talks in his sleep, the other night was a complete classic though (I'm not blogging it myself cos I'm gonna use it onstage). He rolled over and started...uh, I don't know how to say this classily, 'rubbing my love-jugs', and going 'MMMMMM!'

Then a pause. Then 'Can I get some of these raw?'

I don't know what the hell he thought they were: Poached? Broiled? Slightly char-grilled in a nice marinade?

Either way, it made me laugh so loudly I woke him up.

Mia said...

Well look at it this way at least you were asleep and he didn't tell you that you had the handwriting of a serial killer. Not that that has ever happened to sir.