Monday, May 29, 2006

"Whhooo are you?"

I've been getting a lot of hits lately, and not all of them are from people doing unmentionable google searches for dead rodents or worse.

So I have been wondering lately: Who are you?

I have decided that in this little faux-communuty called cyber-space, it is time to reach out and say hello to your fellow neighbours.

It's simple, don't be shy: leave a comment and tell us who you are, perhaps where you come from, and even if you have a blog of your own (at the very least it is good advertising).

Go on people, come out of the shaddows. I really don't bite.... often.


LondonMisfit said...

Ok I'll go:

I'm a blogger currently living in London, having lived a pretty nomadic existence as a child (8 countries, 12 different schools, no idea how many houses) I have returned 'home' to England from Australia to see what it's like living near extended family, and with near-constant rain. Work as a sort of IT programming type person for a mega bank. Blog is mostly a catalogue of complaints, with very occasional chirpy bits thrown in.

Louise said...

Bravo London Misfit!!! Well done for going first, and great blog too :)

Now, is anyone else brave enough to say hello?

Liz Yarker said...

Hi, My name is Liz and i'm from Australia ("Hi, Liz"). Not much i can say except i have an annoying older sister who lives in China and started a blog as a way of getting out of writing personal e-mails to her family and friends!! :-p

And we all know you bite lots!

Love ya Lou!

Sharpie said...

oh you KNOW me - from CT, USA here. Bor -ing. Come visit anytime.

Louise said...

Oh Sharpie you are FAR from boring darling!

Louise said...

ps Liz, I'm ignoring you :P


Greg S said...

Namskar Lou-ji
I admit, that yes, I am one of those people that check your site!
Really enjoying reading about your life in China and really impressed with your art too.
I better get my ass into gear and write u an email one day.



Louise said...


How are ya matey??? I had no idea! Good to see you here, and I too should get my arse into gear and email you tooone day!

Until then... smooches! xxx

Farial said...

From Bangladesh. Currently living in TN, USA.

Louise said...

Welcome, and great to see you here Farial!

Steven said...

I used to teach English in Fuyang (about 50 minutes by bus from Hangzhou). I'm planning my annual trip back. I have lived in the Philippines and PNG, and travelled in almost every country in Asia. I ran across your blog today and have enjoyed it very much.

Steve Walsh