Sunday, May 14, 2006

HAPPY MO...err too late.

Well I tried sending the email 9 seperate times today, with no success. Something demon-like is definately inside my computer.
I have resorted to a public announcement: Happy Mother's Day Mum!!!
But by now in Australia it is 1.30am the morning after Mother's Day, and I've proven myself, with the aid of a bad internet connection, to be a bad daughter.

It's the thought that counts, right??


'er said...

I don't mind a public announcement!
We had a lovely day, picnic at Jackson Park, and the weather was fine - a bit cloudy at first, but not too cold.
We missed you!

Liz Yarker said...

We didn't miss you! We didn't even think about you once! :P
and i'm sure i heard mum say something about Thank god Lou isn't here!!! :P
He he he!