Tuesday, March 14, 2006

scalpel, STAT!

I'm thinking of inserting a big fat ol' hypodermic through my eye socket and into my brain to relieve the inter-cranial pressure brought on by the simultaneous sinus headache and migraine I woke up with this morning.

"Coz the drugs don't work..."

Something tells me that the medical training I have recieved from watching A LOT of e.r. will not be sufficient for this proceedure.
I could always just slam my skull in the front door...


Yidchick said...

Slamming skull against the door is an option I have tried when migranious. It's up there with tying your tooth to a horse then slapping it's arse. Painful.

Thanks for introducing me to your lovely blog. Sydney sends love.

Louise said...

Yidchick you have made my day. I am now in the process of reading your blog archives from begining to end, and am enjoying myself thoroughly.
Shanghai sends love to Sydney.