Wednesday, March 15, 2006

holy s***

It has taken years of in-depth field analysis but I am finally ready to deliver to the world my scientific break though:

This research has entailed surviving food poisoning, giardia, cyclospora and dysentary infections in developing countries; house-training 5 rabbits and 3 dogs; and being a nanny for years, at one time looking after 10 week old twins and spending my days up to my armpits in dirty nappies.

I am finally ready to reveal that I have solid evidence of the relation between poo and sanity: i.e. personal sanity decreases in inverse proportion with the amount of faeces in any given environment.

Its a fact. Just ask any mother.

(now I am off to the pharmacy to try to buy some antibiotics for a giardiasis infection... usually when my chinese vocab runs out, I play charades, but I am not sure how to mime 'diarrhea' in polite company.)


Lenzie said...

Hey there!

La duzi... that is how you should express diarrhea! As to know which tone, that is another story! Good luck there!

Em said...

Hope you fared better than my friend and I did in Paris - remember that story???!

Louise said...

It turns out diarrhea is in my phrase book, although it is sadly lacking in such phrases as: "I have 3.6 seconds too find the nearest bathroom before I soil my pants".
And Em, I think about your story every time I consume medication which the friendly "pharmacist" (i.e. random dude in a dirty white coat)assures me is what I need, although I cannot read the chinese on the label. Hopefully I will not end up being given a laxative to treat a bad case of diarrhea...

Jessica said...

Louise,I'm always glad to hear your poo stories,don't let them all slip away at once though!

Louise said...

diarrhea is kinda hard to control!