Monday, November 21, 2005

Lost in (Cyber) Space

I pity the poor american fools who have lately been stumbling on to my blog from an MSN search for "Aussie Babes". The site meter I have on this site allows me to see how people have found the blog, and I find it highly amusing to see this one come up time and time again. What did the poor blokes think when my site opened?! More amusing is that my blog is listed at 35th of 128,310 results! Those are some good odds!
Other lost cyber travelers have found me my searching: "anonymous proxy servers to get past college firewalls", "japanese porn", "big breasts", and disconcertingly "what to do with my babys placenta".
What the...???


Liz said...

The poor people searching for 'what to do with my baby's placenta' are most likely now wishing they are having a lamb - then they could sell it to be made into capsules! :)

Louise said...

hehehe... I'm sure there is a market for human placenta somewhere!

Dan said...

I just clicked on that link... you are now 17th for Aussie Babes.

I'll leave it at that.


Louise said...

It seems I spoke to soon: There IS a market for human placenta! (google once again showed me the way)
Placental Injections for beauty, 101 USES FOR A DEAD (or live) BABY,
And of course where would we be without one from China: HERE BE CANNIBALS.
Now before I get shouted at I am going to say right now that I do not in any way condone these practices... I am simply demonstrating that the market may exist, and that it is damned easy to find information about it.

Liz said...

I think we should try and get you to number one on the aussie babes search!

Anonymous said...

...and my Chinese ex-girlfriend wanted to make a soup with a fresh, healthy placenta to be more fertile. Which made me go: "what?!?!?!" and then something like "WHAAAAAAATT???????!!!!????" and then a vow was made to not date Chinese girls again... and I got asked "why??" too. But GOD I love China.


Louise said...

It seems I am at number 14 now on the Aussie Babes search results... Thanks for your tireless efforts liz. Oh, but I am the first search result that is not porn! Thats gotta count for something!