Monday, November 07, 2005

Happy Birthday Me!!

My Birthday arrived yesterday, and for the first time in many years I felt like an excited child. I don't know if it was because it was the first birthday Phil and I have managed to share in the same country, or if it was because it was my first birthday in Shanghai. Whatever the reason, I felt happiness rather than my usual complete ambivalence.
Phil surprised me with a gorgeous jacket... something I was desperately lacking in the onset of the Shanghai cold winter. It looks to me like an Aussie standard winter coat, but he assures me it is only an autumn jacket, and that I'll have to get a warmer one by January. God help me come winter.
The birthday happiness was increased to ecstatic joy upon the arrival of a new member of the family:

My great friends John and Miriam delivered this little bundle of joy. Pablo is named after Pablo Picasso of course, though the only masterpieces he has created so far have been several "nuggets of goodness" on the floor. I am going to attempt to toilet train him... don't laugh yet, it is possible... but so far he is more interested in eating the magazines under the coffee table than pooping in his litter tray. Understandable. I am considering pasting some articles to wall beside his tray to amuse him when he's there.
Big thanks to Miriam and John for giving Pablo to me, and even bigger thanks to Papa Phil for letting him stay!
Off now to Bunny-proof the apartment!


Dan said...

Happy Birthday Lou!!
I'll spare you the song and dance.
What a cute bunny :-) Remember to check the shoes before you put the feet in. Mind you if you didn't I can see a rather amusing blog entry, so perhaps its best for our sakes if you blithely put your feet into any shoe they meet?


Louise said...

Thanks Dan! So far the toilet training is going really well, and no surprises in the shoes yet. We are like proud parents, gushing every time Pablo jumps into his litter tray by himself. But you would never believe such a sweet little thing could be such a ferocious manure factory!

Dan said...

Yep, they shit like the clappers

Liz said...

Hey lou,
If you bring him back to australia Emily and Pablo can be "friends"! :-)
Although... Emily thinks she is human so you'll have to train Pablo to think that too!
Love Liz
PS. Happy Birthday again!!

Anonymous said...

Well I don't know about being human, but Pablo definitely decided to be Picasso-esque with his excrements! Avant-guarde art?!