Monday, October 17, 2005

Down to Earth

My classrooms have been buzzing with this story all week. China has sent two astronauts into orbit for five days (click here for full story from Sydney Morning Herald).
According to China's 2IC, Wu Bangguo, the mission was a success. "This will further improve the country's international status and national strength, and will help to mobilise its people to rally around the Communist Party and work harder for the future of the country," Wu said.

And here I was thinking the purpose of the mission was to see if you really could see the Great Wall from space.


Dan said...

I clicked on the Wikipedia link and got an error message. Could it be that some weird censorship is happening under our very noses?

Louise said...

funny you should say that- the day after I posted that the omnipresent Chinese govt saw it in their wisdom to block Wikipedia.

I am beginning to realise anything is possible...

Dan said...

Yes but that shouldn't affect me in my safe haven paradise here in Sydney?

Wikipedia is great, full of interesting information. It is there that I learnt how to swear in other languages!