Monday, June 02, 2008

New look

For those of you reading this via rss feeds, I have a whole new look here at Aussie in the Orient.

For those of you reading via this actual site, this notice is irrelevant- feel free to carry on as you were.

PS. Does anyone know how to get the header image to line up inside the header background?? Or is it only overlapping on my screen?


Girl Clumsy said...

Hey Louise,

Like the new look. I could never work out exactly how to get the header on the rounders template to work. My solution was just to make the picture bigger than I thought the header would be. That way it covers it!

Perhaps you could just resize your new header pic.

But then I'm not terribly good with this stuff, just trying to learn more as I go!

LondonMisfit said...


Love the new look - and there's no overlap on my screen, not sure that helps though!


Sharpie said...

I see no overlap here either! Nice look!

OvaGirl said...

Your new look is beautiful Louise!

Louise said...

Thanks guys, I eventually figured out how to resize the image by messing around with the HTML coding, but thanks for the tips anyway Natalie.

Glad you like the new look- I'm actually pretty impressed that I didn't delete the whole thing by accident.

xxx Lou

PS Ovagirl- I still haven't gotten around to doing your quirks meme, but its on my to-do list!!

Dan said...

Looks great!!! And I love the pic of you ... very sexy :)