Thursday, April 10, 2008

Justice is Blind

Phil's new assistant, Alex Cheng Loew, ran back to take this photo after they spotted it in the drop-off zone at Jinan International Airport, in Shandong province, China.

Phil titled it "Justice is Served", but I prefer "Justice is Blind":


Gabby Girl said...

Ha ha. The 5-0 got the boot! Hilarious.

boneman said...

how about "justice ahs a sense of humor"?

'Course, I don't think the station chief will share in the humor when it hits the fan....

Say, there's a bloke running around Asia right now by the name of Lee Kennedy. Friendly enough chap, along with his wife.
Well, I mean, they're in Viet Nam right now, but, if you could keep your eyes open for tem?
I mean all you Aussies know each other, don't you?
I mean, it IS an island.

Well, a continental size island, but, still.....

So, if you see them, give them a wave from me, eh?

OK, hey thanx from a Yank! (not George, either, so put the stones down....please)

Louise said...

Ok Boneman, my waving hand is poised and ready to shoot up into a frendly salute should I pass Lee and his wife on the streets of Shanghai... hehehe.

I do know a Luke Kennedy... does that help at all?