Saturday, September 15, 2007

Graphics made easy

A couple of weekends ago I splurged and bought myself the Wacom Graphire4 graphics tablet*:

The idea of a graphics tablet, for those of your who have yet to try the best thing since sliced bread, is that you use the pen like a mouse, together with software such as Photoshop or Illustrator, to actually draw or paint entirely digital images. It serves the same purpose as your mouse does in these programs, but it is much, MUCH more accurate and more intuitive. For example, if you are using the pencil tool in Photoshop (my software of choice at this point) and press harder or softer on the tablet, the line that is drawn in Photoshop will become darker or lighter respectively.

I splurged on the Graphire4 not only because it is a totally cool gizmo, but also as a part of my grand plan to combine my experience with teaching children with my art skills to do something useful with my career- children's book illustrating.

As I have been forced to spend the last couple of weeks on the couch I have had a little time to practice with the tablet. These are a few things I've drawn/painted in Photoshop (bare in mind that I am still just experimenting with the possibilities):

"Daphne" 2007- My 1959 Morris Minor 1000

A composition copied from the Wacom Graphire graphic tablet (Asian version) logo as test/study- my colour and lines

Study of an illustration by Jill Schwarz

My composition, still experimenting.

Overall, if anyone is interested in buying one of these tablets, I wholeheartedly recommend it.

*This may seem like a shameless product plug, however I am really just a very satisfied customer. That said, should anyone from Wacom stumble on this site, I will expect your checque in the mail....

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