Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The week in Haiku

Summary of the week in Haiku*:


Surly teenagers
in summer English classes
are longing to flee.


With a bang it comes,
Melting cheese on my sandwhich-
Shanghai summer arrives.

Summer rains fall hard,
Soaking me on my scooter.
Go inside, it stops.


The man shouts hurridly
It must be something vital,
I take in nothing.

Have you got any of your own? (look here for Haiku "rules")

* I know these are bad- it's the first time I've tried this!


Comic Mummy said...

Cool! My hubby lurves haiku - he hasn't blogged new ones in a while but you can check out some of them at

I really love them too - they're like verbal photographs.

Monkeybizness said...

It's not that poetic, but here goes...

Haiku is quite hard
You must be very concise
Pollies should learn it

Louise said...

Commic Mummy- I read your hubby's Haikus and they are great- I wish I could do better ones- I'll have to keep trying, because I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would!

And Monkeybizness, I like it, and you are right- it is damn hard!